Rudy Güemes, artist without borders in constant movement, nourishing himself from different arts to create a show of marked imprint.

Laughter and applause amaze audiences around the world: America, Europe and Asia (Africa and Oceania, here we go!).

Twenty years of experience participating in important Festivals such as: Lollapalooza (Argentina), Qingdao Beer Festival (China), Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai), Expo Milan (Italy), Tecnópolis (Argentina), Rafaela International Theater Festival (Argentina), International Circus Festival of Bogotá (Colombia), International Festival of Live Arts Loja (Ecuador). Among other important festivals and meetings of theater, circus and live arts. In addition, he participated in well-known television and film programs.

At present, their shows revolve around festivals, artistic meetings in theaters and innovative spaces in Argentina and the world. Rudy travels and carries his unique laugh, giving joy to all continents!