Since 1995 and with 13 years, Alejandro Feijoó (Rudy Güemes) was since the first time near to the juggling world. Since those years he has been in this road that has converted him in a professional circus artist.

His first juggling teachers were Leandro Mendoza, Pedro Palacio and Bruno Gagliardini. Years later he was working into Community Theatre, learning clown technique with Los Calandracas and being part of the mythical meeting “El Chalupazo”. Also this road he was with Catalinas Sur Group, taking theatre, clown, singing and circus classes with Alfredo Iriarte, Pedro Palacio, Bruno Gagliardini and Cristina Ghione. In Catalinas Sur he was part of the collective creation of a circus named “Sudestada”.

Meanwhile he continued his search in the art of juggling in a personal way beginning with street shows in 2000.

His formation in theatre and clown was made on with Walter Velázquez, Marcelo Savignone, Julia Muzio, Fernando Cavarozi (Chacovachi clown), Jorge Costa, Sergio Lumbardini, Angel Elizondo and others. Also he was into acrobatics workshops –hand to hand, floor acrobatics, hand standing, in different circus school in Argentina (Espacio Zero, Escuela de Circo Criollo, Escuela de Circo Social), and he studied Magic in the Magic Studio Rodo.

Along with his formation he also started giving integral circus and juggling workshops for children, youths and adults in different circus schools in Argentina. Besides he taught seminaries and passing workshops, assembling routines, objects manipulation for clowns in different festivals and meetings of scenic arts to different countries in the world.

He has presented his shows in most of cities in Argentina. He was working in Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Republican Dominican, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia and many others too. In festivals and meetings of circus, theatre and scenic arts, advertising, television shows, as also in private social events and corporate events.



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Rudy Güemes - 2017 | Buenos Aires, Argentina.